Whether you are buying or selling a house you are more affected by it’s staging that you think. If you are selling, the staging is either going to make you more money or sell it quicker or both. If you are buying a well staged house will help you make a choice more quickly and unstaged homes will pale when comparing.

Some sellers think that an empty house opens it up to more possibilities for a creative thinker than a furnished house. They may be half right. An empty house may be better than an poorly staged or over crowded house but it won’t compare favorably to a well laid out, staged house.

So what does a person do that has a house that is already empty? Staging it can be a cost and inconvenience they don’t want to bear but more often than not it will be justified in the end.

I want to show you a house that wasn’t getting the attention or showings it deserved because it was empty, then show it again with a few key rooms virtually staged. The furniture isn’t actually in the house but the original photos were edited to show what the room could look like when furnished.

Main Living and Dining Area Empty

Main Living Area with Virtual Furniture

The first photo shows an area that is difficult to picture as a comfortable living area. The second is warm and inviting and people seeing this on line might think, this is worth a visit. Once there they might be disappointed to see the room is empty but they will remember the photo that made it compelling enough to put on their list and know that it has some great possibilities.

Have a look below at this little office/studio apartment attached to this house.

Studio with Kitchen Counter

The Same Studio Warmed up with Inviting Furnishings

Finally, even a bedroom can look so differently when it is tastefully decorated. One is a hollow cold room, the other is warm and inviting and a person could visualize their self settling in with a good book on a chilly evening. One you will add to your list to visit, the other you will pass on.

Blank Empty Bedroom

What a Difference