Learn About Home Warranties

Check out the short video explaining home warranties and how first year home warranties work. This video is by Home Warranty of America and it shows how their coverage will work for you. If you are considering getting a home warranty on your new or existing home let me know or follow the links to HWA’s website. Or just do a search and learn about what other warranty companies offer.

Not all home warranties are created equal so do your research, read the on-line reviews and determine which is right for you. They have varying levels of coverage and different deductibles. Some offer two year plans and others give you an extra month for the one year plan. You can renew these annually, but like all insurance, the price may increase based on the number and cost of the claims you made. The video above is from Home Warranty of America. To learn more, follow the link. You can also sign up for additional years as your first year of coverage ends.